by The Cairo Syndicate



Lou Castañeda colabora con otras entidades.


released July 22, 2015



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Irreversible Records Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Marshland Lotus ft. White Lotus
Along muddy banks, their glistening forms could sometimes be seen. Though seeds from dimensions bubbling just below ours. Swamps in the area had long been known to function as primordial passageways to other realms. Realms wholly incomprehensible to the human psyche.

On rare occasions the glistening orbs would sprout wildly, bearing a fruit
so rare and dangerous so that no human had return to form after consuming it's alien flesh. Among those who told of the wild tales of this forbidden delicacy was known as the Yellow Devil to the children in the area.

It was said that the Yellow Devil, considered an old tale to some, or a reclusive elder from bygone settler cults, had cataloged all that was in these swamps. The strange fellow of the local's murmurs was alleged to ramble about essentially advanced chemistry to anyone willing to listen.

He called the glistening orbs his Daughters, and the forbidden fruit God.